Trade and Export Promotion Centre

The Government of Nepal has established "Trade and Export Promotion Centre", a national trade promotion organization of the country in November 2006, as a focal point, by merging three organizations namely Trade Promotion Centre, Export Promotion Board and Carpet & Wool Development Board, with the objective of promoting foreign trade in general and export trade in particular of the country.

The functions are to:

  •     Advise the Government of Nepal in formulating policies for the development and expansion of trade and export.
  •     Contribute to strengthening the national economy by developing and expanding trade and export of the country.
  •     Support in achieving the goal of poverty alleviation through the development of rural economy by enhancing internal and external market for agro-based and other products.
  •     Launch programs by establishing coordination among different agencies for increasing the production of exportable products.
  •     Assist to diversify trade by identifying potential market for exportable products.
  •     Cooperate in opening institutions for export promotion and to diversify trade and extend support to such institutions.
  •     Plead for technical assistance with national and international organizations for improving quality/standard of exportable products.
  •     Implement appropriate programs so as to attract investment at the national and international level for export-oriented and import management project.
  •     Act as information pool by collecting , disseminating and publishing useful trade-related information.
  •     Study and identify the problems of foreign trade and advise the Government of Nepal with appropriate measures to solve such problems.
  •     Assist in market test of exportable products.
  •     Organize buyers/seller meet and conduct training seminar and workshops.
  •     Simplify the procedures relating quality control, insurance and transport and enhance support services for export transaction.

Head office: Trade and Export Promotion Centre,
Na Tole, Pulchowk, Lalitpur,
P.O. Box 825, Kathmandu.
Tel : 977-1-5425898/5432642
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Contact Office:
Trade and Export Promotion Centre
Contact Office
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Trade and Export Promotion Cetnre
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Bhansar Road, Nepalgunj, Banke
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