Training Program on

Pokhara, Feb 27, 2018

International Trade Center (ITC), Geneva and Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC), Nepal jointly inaugurated the two days' training program (February 27-28, 2017) on "How to export to China" which was organized under the Project "Enhancing Export Capabilities of Asian LDCs" signed between ITC and TEPC. Today on the first day of the program about 40 participants representing carpet Industries/Companies are participating while tomorrow same number of participants representing the MAPs sector are going to participate. The experts from ITC and Nepal are delivering the papers about these two sectors on exporting to China. This event is not only to learn about exporting to China but also share experiences among participants on their journey to export these sectors to China. During the program, an "Export Management Guide" respectively for Nepalese Handknotted Carpets and MAPs are also being launched which would be very helpful and complete guidance for seeking the market in China.

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