Export Promotion Manual for Nepalese Missions Abroad - Chapter XV

Chapter XV


The objectives of maintaining relations with the press and the public and with an involvement in publicity activities are given below:

  • to give correct and reliable information on Nepal's position on various subjects related to export trade or foreign trade with a view to protecting national trade interest,

  • to build country's reputation about the products and exporters in the potential markets,

  • to maintain excellent rapport and contacts with the press, television and other public media, and

  • to get maximum advantages of the facilities available with the public media system to introduce Nepal in foreign countries.

The main tasks of the mission' officials are :

  • to make press releases with photographs of important news about Nepal's trades and trade promotion events,

  • to organize press conferences on important events, such as national days, participation in trade fairs, visits of delegations,

  • to organize photographic displays, handicraft displays, country's documentary shows, and to organize receptions on such occasions and invite the press,

  • to select appropriate media for different purposes. The media available in different countries are the press, TV, journalists of special magazines, radio, news-makers etc.

  • to provide appropriate publicity materials pertaining to the particular occasion,

  • to organize talk programmes, seminars and shows on Nepal and invite interested people and general visitors.