Export Promotion Manual for Nepalese Missions Abroad - Chapter X

Chapter X


The official of a mission must provide advice and assistance to the visitors from the duty station to Nepal and the Nepalese traders visiting to the duty station. A form has been evolved to provide memorandum of notification of business visitors from the Royal Nepalese Mission to the TPC and from the TPC to the Royal Nepalese Mission (See Annex X). Such a memorandum should be usually sent at least four months ahead of the actual date of visit.

10.1 Visitors from Nepal to your duty station should

  • prepare all necessary information for the visitors from Nepal,

  • fix all appointments with the concerned institutions including importers association, chamber and potential importers which have been identified,

  • assist in case advice is required to conclude a negotiation or for discussion on business matters and

  • provide other necessary assistance if required for the fulfillment of the purpose of visit.

10.2 Visitors to Nepal from your duty station should

  • provide all information on Nepal,

  • request the TPC to fix appointments with concerned institutions and potential suppliers for the visitor, and

  • request the TPC in case he or she has to be assisted in any matter for the purpose of his or her visit and concluding a trade negotiation.