Export Promotion Manual for Nepalese Missions Abroad - Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII


The objective of the market research is to provide the TPC, the exporters and the concerned institutions in Nepal with information on type of products, price, marketing practices and importers of such products, market trends, activities of the competitors, etc.

The market research report should assist the concerned institutions and exporters in Nepal in determining marketing and product strategies for Nepalese products. It assists the government institutions as may help to take decisions and actions to correct the forecasted situations of the market. An outline for product market survey and research is given in Annex IX.

Full scale market research can also be undertaken by the official of a mission in association with the professionals of the Trade Promotion Center in case the HMG requires such study or in case the TPC programmes such a study. In case of such a study the mission officials should provide full supports to the TPC officials.