Export Promotion Manual for Nepalese Missions Abroad - Chapter III

Chapter III


With the diplomatic status and proximity to potential market officials in Royal Nepalese Missions abroad through their active involvement in the product promotion and matchmaking between Nepalese exporters and importers abroad can make significant contribution to the country's export promotion efforts. To add credible value to the process the officials of the Royal Nepalese Missions abroad must understand clearly the responsibility of Missions for export promotion of Nepal. In general, all the supportive services and communication related activities which protect Nepal's trade interest should be undertaken by the Mission. Such export promotion related activities, in particular, include :

  1. Maintaining close cooperation with institutions at home such as the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Trade Promotion Center (TPC), Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI), Nepal Chamber of Commerce etc.

  2. Maintaining close cooperation with institutions at the duty station.

  3. Handling trade enquiries and trade complaints.

  4. Undertaking market research for the export products of Nepal in the markets close to the duty stations.

  5. Identifying and maintaining contacts with the potential importers in the markets.

  6. Providing assistance to the business visitors from Nepal and also to the business visitors from the duty-station areas to Nepal.

  7. Providing services to a group of businessmen coming for trade mission or to a trade delegation.

  8. Assisting the institutions concerned and Nepalese traders in the organization and participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, store promotion or trade show in the areas of the duty station.

  9. Provision of trade information and intelligence services

  10. Assisting the Government agencies or the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies in case or in the event of a bi-lateral trade negotiation.

  11. Maintaining a close relation with the press and arrange publicity or press releases of the country on national events whenever necessary.

  12. Arranging and maintaining a product sample display cell for Nepalese exportable products.

Note:    The Royal Nepalese Missions are requested to start activities, such as, handling of trade complaints and undertaking market research for export products.