Export Promotion Manual for Nepalese Missions Abroad - ANNEX-XII



  1. 1.Select a right event for the promotion of Nepalese products.
  2. 2.Contact the organizer and collect brochures and detailed information and terms and conditions.
  3. 3.Inform the TPC for a decision to take part and planning.
  4. 4.Plan the space needed and suggest TPC.
  5. 5.Assist the TPC in drawing up the budget.
  6. 6.Book space, furniture, electricity, etc. as required.
  7. 7.Book hotel accommodations for participants.
  8. 8.Plan decoration of the stand and building
  9. 9.Selection of local staff.
  10. 10.Invite potential importers by mail to visit Nepal Stand (Stand Number should be given).
  11. 11.Arrange a Press Conference.
  12. 12.Plan a trade reception or National Day ceremonies.
  13. 13.Brief participants and the local staff.
  14. 14.Arrange adequate product literatures and assist the TPC to translate in the local language.
  15. 15.Arrange sufficient samples.
  16. 16.Take information about the coordinator and participants.
  17. 17.Contact Customs authorities and appoint an agent for the clearance of exhibits.


  1. 1.Check every day the staff, participants, exhibits, brochures, reception to visitors etc. ensure that they are in perfect order.
  2. 2.Hold press conference, meetings with important buyers etc.
  3. 3.Attend reception, national day ceremonies etc.
  4. 4.Be informed of the results of every day and suggest on follow up actions.
  5. 5.Maintain a close contact with the organizer, participants, agencies, potential buyers, etc.


  1. 1.Arrange the disposal of stand and exhibits.
  2. 2.Make sure that all outstanding payments to the organizer, clearing agent, utility service agents, etc, are settled.
  3. 3.Obtain reports from the participants.
  4. 4.Make preliminary assessment of the results which should help in deciding for the future participation.
  5. 5.Disseminate all important market information to the appropriate organizations and exporters in Nepal.
  6. 6.Send letters of appreciation who have helped.
  7. 7.Make necessary follow ups and correspondence for market promotion.
  8. 8.Book space for the next event.