Export Promotion Manual for Nepalese Missions Abroad - ANNEX-XI


  1. Obtain names of the leader and members of the mission/delegation, the organizations they represent, and their products or subject of interests.
  2. Be informed on the following :
    1. objective or purpose of the mission or delegation,
    2. date of arrival in .......... / Kathmandu ..............
    3. length of stay .............days
    4. address in the place of arrival ................ and
    5. assistance requested :.............................
  3. Contact the concerned and important officials to inform about the mission/delegation programme and request for necessary assistance.
  4. Inform the delegation members in advance on the general economic status of the country and overall market situation for specific products.
  5. Keep information on holidays and other events and inform the members of the delegation, if necessary.
  6. Book hotel accommodation for the mission/delegation members.
  7. Plan a trade reception and invite important and concerned persons and officials.
  8. Make a Press Release and arrange a Press Conference.
  9. Arrange local transport, interpreter, if necessary, and other logistic facilities to the mission/delegation.
  10. Plan a perfect and purpose oriented meeting and visit programme for the mission/delegation.
  11. Fix all appointments for the mission/delegation well in advance. It is important to consider the convenience of persons with whom appointment is sought.
  12. Suggest the members of the delegation to take sufficient samples and brochures of products to be promoted.
  13. Inform the delegation members on the visa and other travel requirements, dress required as per climatic condition, etc.
  14. Distribute the pamphlets/brochure of the mission to the concerned organizations.
  15. Maintain a close contact with the leader of the delegation and the concerned officials.
  16. Take part in all meetings, discussion and other activities of the mission/delegation.
  17. Make note of everything you have to do and record what you have done for the mission or delegation.
  18. Make a preliminary assessment of the results and suggest for follow up actions.