Export Promotion Manual for Nepalese Missions Abroad - Chapter XIII

Chapter XIII


The trade information and documentation system should be well maintained so as to provide all information to the clients from home as well as clients in the host country. It is suggested that the following documents be maintained in the trade information system (TIS) of the mission.

13.1 Information on host country

  • Official publications of the host government particularly from the Ministries of Finance, Trade, Industry, Transport and External Affairs.

  • Publications of import promotion offices, chamber of commerce and industry, public trading houses, etc.

  • Market reports on relevant import products, business directories, telephone directories, maps, periodicals, trade bulletins, tariffs schedules, trade regulations, documents on taxation, etc.

13.2 Information on Nepal

  • Publications of Ministries of Finance, Commerce Industries and Supplies, and Tourism, Trade Promotion Center, Nepal Rastra Bank, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries, etc.

  • Publications on travel and tourism,

  • Trade directories, telephone directories, tariff schedule, Overseas Trade Statistics, Trade and Industrial Policies, Foreign Investment Policies and Incentives, national newspapers, annual reports of the banks, etc.